Carlos Haime & Sonia Gutt de Haime

Carlos Haime was seen by his colleagues always busy in building, planting, promoting and moving forward. To plant here, to perform there, more than promoting; always a visionary who opened new working, solidarity and wealth creation areas, thus making the most needed community to participate, not expecting anything else but a smile.  His, his smile, was the signature of his tireless dedication to the noblest causes”  Belisario Betancur – Expresident of Colombia

Carlos Haime and his wife Sonia Gutt created the Carlos and Sonia Haime foundation to continue the philanthropic job of the family.  This non profit organization, which since 2006 supports integral programs to vulnerable populations, is directed by Daniel Haime, who  reflects in his parameters the passion and commitment of his parents in benefit of the most needed communities.