Andrea Echavarria Mazuera

Executive Vice-president Carlos and Sonia Haime Foundation

With infinite expectations I arrived to Manzanillo del Mar, in 2008, full of curiosity to understand the dream that Don Carlos and Doña Sonia Haime had had 50 years behind, when they fell in love with the Colombian Caribbean.  As usual, it was a sunny day, in which heat was mixing with a refreshing sea breeze.

My first impression was that undoubtedly, it was a beautiful piece of land surrounded by a very special nature.  The swamp seemed supervised by hundreds of flying birds at the same time it was framed by mangrove and thousands of trees together with beautiful beaches.  However, what most surprised me and what really reached my expectations and curiosity were the genuine smiles of its people.  Right away I understood that the affection that the Haime Gutt family felt to generate opportunities in this zone, did not only come from attraction of the landscape, but that they had really grown fond of the people and dreamed to make a difference.