Daniel Haime Gutt

President Carlos and Sonia Haime Foundation

He inherits the job from his parents,  Carlos Haime and  Sonia Gutt de Haime, thus becoming one of the most well-known social leaders in Colombia due to his passion and commitment in benefit of the most vulnerable communities.

When you accompany yourself in your journey through life and emerge from the hand of others, you create a virtuous circle where people, families, companies and society are winners.”.

How and why the FSCH is born? 

For more than 60 years, the family has cultivated a philanthropic vocation, which was being demonstrated by their ancestors and companies.  The entrepreneurial success of my father, Don Carlos Haime, and his great social labor, accompanied by my mother, Doña Sonia Gutt, showed evidence of the necessity of creating our own foundation, which would allow to direct efforts in benefit of vulnerable communities, to which the Carlos and Sonia Haime Foundation has served with affection and with which we will continue to have a relationship towards the future.